About Us: What We Do

We invent solutions to large- scale problems for businesses and their customers.

As with any commercial inventor, our overriding goal is to see our inventions profitably reach the marketplace. Working on our own behalf, and not as consultants to others, we seek to invent solutions to large-scale problems for businesses and their customers.

Here’s a sampling of the companies and products that we have helped create and others that we are currently working on:


Priceline was invented to allow sellers of low variable cost, perishable services to clear excess capacity or inventory without undercutting their own retail prices in the process. Using an innovative “Name Your Own Price” model, Priceline leverages the Internet to collect brand-flexible demand at every price point of the demand curve. By not disclosing the brand until the consumer has committed to the purchase, sellers prevent dilution of their own sales. In 2010, Forbes named Priceline as the best-performing company on the S&P 500 index for the second year in a row, delivering the highest average return for the past eight years. With a market cap of $22 billion, Priceline employs 2,000 people and serves more than 35 million customers per year.


Synapse invented a disruptive business model that transformed the sale of magazine subscriptions from a fixed-term product to an open-ended service (just like Internet access, cable TV and wireless service). Synapse was twice named to the list of top 25 “Best Medium Sized Companies to Work For in America” by the Great Place to Work Institute. Synapse was purchased by Time Inc., the publishing division of TimeWarner, in 2001 for more than $500 million and became a wholly owned subsidiary in 2005. The company serves tens of millions of customers and employs more than 200 people. It is one of the world’s largest magazine subscription agencies.

vendmoreVendmore Systems

Vendmore Systems is Walker Digital’s licensee revolutionizing retail commerce, starting in the Consumer Package Goods Industry. Using its proprietary R4™ Consumer and Supply Chain Super Cloud Platform, large Brands use Vendmore to transform their capabilities at retail with 2 way wireless communications, software, mobile payment, biometric, remote energy management and dynamic merchandising systems.

perfect payWalker Digital Table Systems – Perfect Pay

Walker Digital Table Systems is a startup in the casino industry. The popular card game of baccarat is a $2 trillion industry where all bets are placed on felt-covered, wood tables – with no intelligence of any kind at the point-of-bet. The Perfect Pay baccarat table system looks identical to a traditional table game with live cards, dealers and chips, but with the only RFID system capable of tracking hand outcomes, wagers, payouts and player ratings in real time. Casinos can use this technology to measurably reduce costs, speed up play and expand their razor-thin profit margins – generating potentially billions of dollars in incremental profits.


TEDMED is a global community of people who passionately believe that the future of health and medicine has begun. As the sole licensee of world-famous TED organization, TEDMED organizes the nation’s only conference that brings together thousands of medical and non-medical leaders from every sector of society. At this event, held in April at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (Washington, DC), our community explores the promise of innovative technologies…the potential of human achievement…and the extraordinary new opportunities that are now possible with modern health and medicine. Beyond the conference, TEDMED reaches out to tens of thousands of students and health & medical professionals nationwide with free simulcasts of our live stage program. On the Internet, TEDMED supports a year-round online community for learning, sharing and connecting with free videos of TEDMED presentations and new information resources to teach and inspire the broader population on key health issues, regardless of skill level.

gamingIGT & WMS

These two giants in the casino gaming industry have licensed Walker Digital’s extensive portfolio of gaming inventions. Innovations include server-based gaming network enhancements that enable personalized game play and promotions, new pricing models to increase profits and player satisfaction, and a variety of other powerful ways to use the (existing or planned) networks inside casinos in imaginative ways. In 2009, Walker Digital and IGT concluded a multi-year development deal with IGT’s purchase of a significant share of Walker Digital’s gaming IP.

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